Our Services


Production, repair and assembly of all types of exhaust systems for your vehicle.

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Common car maintenance tasks include: vehicle repair and servicing, removal of engine faults, inspection and determination of the state of vehicle suspension, brake wear, clutch system, transmission...


Installation of best –buy sport tuning parts with excellent results. Except the sporting parts, we offer you standard replacement and original parts.


We can install the trailer hitch, as well. A mobile accessory on the vehicle that allows the attachment and towing of various trailers. The advantage of the trailer hitch is the quick installation and disassembly of the main part of the hook on the supporting module.


Protective films available in colours of your choice

Forget about scratches!

Placing foils on the car protects the paint from damage and scratches caused by hitting the door in the parking lot, sizzling pebbles on the road, etc.

Damaged parts of your vehicle can be quickly covered, which is much more economical than painting.